Friday, May 28, 2010

Useful Tip #5- Garbage Disposal

Here's a tip from my hubby on an easy way to "clean out" your garbage disposal. First of all garbage disposals are not really meant for you to dump all your garbage down them and grind it up. They are basically meant for those tidbits and remenants left on your dishes and pots and pans when you are rinsing them off for the dishwasher or if they are in the dishwater you've cleaned them with. Putting tons of food down your garbage disposal is not a good idea. Especially if you have a septic system. Two of things you should NEVER EVER run down your disposal are potato peelings and coffee grinds. Potato peels I know from experience can wreak havoc on your disposal. So much so that mine actually clogged all up and then literally fell apart (granted I was living in an apartment at the time and have no clue how old the thing was) but I never put potato peels down there again. And the hubby agrees. I guess they don't chop up very well and can lead to a clogged drain. Coffee grinds are another no no and it's kinda the same thing. Clogged drain. And when I say coffee grinds I mean like from a whole pot of coffee not just a little bit that may be in your coffee from an overflow or anything. So with that said if your disposal doesn't seem to be working up to par or sounds like something isn't grinding up to well just fill it up with ice cubes and then turn it out. Don't run water at first until the ice is chopped then you can run water down it to rinse any remaining particals down the drain. So I hope this little tip helps if needed. If you have any funny stories about clogging or wrecking your disposal post below.

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