Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Useful Tip # 3- Garlic do I love thee!! Garlic is so yummy in so many different ways but yet smelly and sometimes a pain in the but to peel. Personally I prefer fresh garlic but nothing against you if you like it already preminced in a jar. If that's the case this post really won't help much. If you are using fresh garlic here are a couple tips. First if you need to mince it I prefer to use my Pampered Chef garlic press. I swear by this press and it's the only one I'll ever use again in my life. You just take your clove, peel and all, pop it into the press, squeeze and out comes your garlic. Your peel stays on the inside and they even have this handy little brush tool to help you scoop it out so you don't have to get your hands smelly. If you don't need to mince it and say need to dice or slice then lay the clove down on your cutting board and smack it with the flat side of your knife. The skin should break open and it should be pretty easy to remove. I know Pampered Chef has some garlic peeling contraption that I've never tried so by all means you can go that route. Now if you do have to touch the garlic I have a simple way of removing the nasty smell from your hands. I've read somewhere to rub your hands with lemon juice and I've tried that and all that happens is you smell like lemon and garlic. The tried and tested way to remove garlic smell from your hands that actually works is STAINLESS STEEL. Yep that's right. Now I've seen fancy little bars of stainless steel at the cooking stores and as I'm sure they'll work just fine here's another "Free" trick. This will only work if you have one but take a look at your sink!! Is it stainless? Then yep that's all you need. Just rub your hands on the inside of the sink and then take a sniff. I guarantee the garlic smell will be gone!! I've been using this trick for a couple years now and it never fails me!!! So pass it along!!
Happy Cooking!!!

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