Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Useful Tip # 7 - Storing Onions

A friend of mine gave me some home grown Vidalia onions the other day which got us talking about how to store them. Normally I keep my onions in the fridge in the vegetable box. My grandmother stores hers in the pantry in an open bin. I've tried that but I haven't had much luck with shelf life in my pantry (not that I haven't found rotting onions in my fridge). So we were talking about her grandmother's trick that I kinda liked and would love to use if I had somewhere to hang them. Her grandma would take an old pair of pantyhose and you put one onion down the leg and tie a knot, then the second and knot it and so on and so forth. When you needed an onion you just cut it off below the knot. She stored her onions in the basement which is where I have the problem. Living near the coast means no basement for me. But I really liked this idea and it would be great for that gardener who harvests too many onions to use before they go bad. The theory behind the pantyhose is that air can circulate all around the entire onion therefore keeping it dry. So if you can use this tip great. If not maybe pass it along to someone who can!! I'm sure if anything it'd turn out to be a good conversation topic if someone saw your pantyhose full of onions hanging from the rafters!! Post any comments below!!

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