Monday, June 7, 2010

Useful Tip # 11- Traveling

Since summer is almost here that means it's time for VACATION!!! And many of you will be flying to your vacation destination. Being someone who flies frequently one of the things I've seen and learned from is that 80% of peoples luggage is a dark color such as black or navy blue. And due to this it's sometimes hard to pick out your luggage. Most people grab a bag while it's still on the belt and are trying to read the name tag on it to verify it is there's for sure. Recently I bought new luggage (hot pink with black hearts) so that there was no way that I wouldn't know it was mine. So far I haven't seen any like it. But before this I was one of those people with a dark navy blue suitcase. So here's a simple trick to be able to spot your luggage on the belt without having to read the name tag. Just pick out a nice brightly colored or patterned ribbon that you may already have at the house or just run to your local craft store or Walmart and pick up a spool. Cut off a long enough piece to tie in several tight knots around one of the handles or zipper pulls. Don't pick just a solid color as this doesn't stand out as well and I've seen several bags with the same color ribbon. This should help you spot your luggage quickly on your next trip. Of course always verify for sure with your name tag that it is your luggage. Happy Travels!!!!

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